MY OPINION ON: Advertising of Medical Marijuana in Colorado

08/14/2012-  OPINION PIECE about Advertising Medical Marijuana in Colorado


This morning included an enjoyable breakfast at the LogCabin Inn in Frisco, Colorado.  It’s a cute little old restaurant on Main Street Frisco.  I used to eat there a lot back in my mining days, commuting from Silverthorne up to Climax.  A bunch of us used to eat breakfast there a lot after graveyard shift.  Then we would go over to the Moose Jaw, of course, in the am. And we were all lucky to not get tickets on our ways back home to sleep everything off! Well, at breakfast, I was reading the Summit Daily News, of course, since I couldn’t use my laptop, no wireless in the restaurant.  Of course I pulled a free copy out of the vending –no-pay- stand in front of the Log Cabin, I even lucked out with a parking space right in front of the entrance; finding a parking spot on Main Street is usually about as time consuming, if not impossible, as around the Monterrey California Aquarium. Of course, today, I was enjoying an early am. and proper breakfast,  and there just happened to be  a note in the Summit Daily  News “BRIEFS” about the Denver city council considering a ban to outdoor advertising for medical marijuana. So, here’s my comments on the issue of psychedelic billboards, promoting “free joints” and “cheap prices” on potent marijuana products.

I think banning “tacky advertising” is a great idea.  I also think “tacky advertising” of “all nude dancers- at your nearby gentleman club”; “liposuction/facelifts- in-one-hour-or-less”; “tanning booths HOT annual specials”; fit exactly into the same categories and issues about anyone’s concerns about “tacky advertising”.  Is the Denver city council just going to be paternalistic about the issues and categories about advertising in general?  Or are they going to jump-the-guns and just focus some misdirected attentions  and misunderstandings about what the basic issues and categories of concern really may be.  Just what are the issues and categories?  Is it medical marijuana, and tacky advertising of medical marijuana?  I really don’t think those two subjects are the issues or categories or even the real concerns.  Here’s a couple of more questions for you: Hey what’s happening with advertising of tobacco usage these days?  What’s happening with alcohol usage these days?


What really needs to be addressed is the political tolerance of misleading advertising messages and effects on the health of state and national citizens. Every citizen daily has to evaluate factual contradictions and factual conflicts that exist in many advertising messages, because of style of presentation, content distortions and invalidity of messages.  There are many individual behavioral effects on citizens of untrue messages, and individual, personal, and community values, ethics, that then can destroy the basic principle of the functioning society and of course local economy.


So, of course my message is the issues and concerns and categories of any concerns  should not really JUST address “tacky medical marijuana advertising”.  Medical marijuana as categorized nationally and by specific states is a legal remedy for certain medical problems in certain states.  “Tacky advertising” of any medical remedy or practice is a “poor taste” and personal evaluative issue.  Consumption of any legal drugs is an individual choice that is affected by positive and negative promotional, and emotionally re-enforced strategized advertising and marketing.

So, of course, to get just a bit more specific (while still avoiding itemizing secondary specific issues),  aspects of the REAL ISSUES are issues and categories that are really about ADVERTISING and the contradictory messages of real community values about the real state of State citizens health, business and medical practices, not only in the state of Colorado.



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