Here is the link to an animated slideshow that I produced using Kizoa software: I enjoy taking trips to see different waterfalls. One of my favorite spots is in Glenwood Canyon just off of Interstate 70 in Colorado.  Try the hike up to Hanging Lake and view the waterfalls.  Be prepared, it is a steep hike up and down.  Getting back down to the park site is actually rougher than the hike up to the falls.

This little production was part of my becoming acquainted with various technology applications especially available to secondary school teachers and students.  I learned how to access photos from the internet, edit, add a musical track, and special effects to  produce a multi-media presentation to engage a viewer’s attention. This  is a full sample of only one of the  software application productions  from the compressed movie of media projects. I liked the sound effects in this one the best, so you get to view the whole lil’ show!

waterfalls using Kizoa

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